The GNOME Messaging System

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What is GnomeMsg?

GnomeMsg is a Instant Messaging System along with Task Management. The Task Management part is not ready to be used yet, but the IM system is funtioning perfectly. All the usual facilities offered by a typical IM are available:

1. Sending and Recieving Messages
2. Notification of User status
3. Search for users
4. Optionally add them to you're list.

There is no realtime chat facility offered yet, but it wouldn't be a difficult job to code it in. Its just that i'm so impressed with IRC, that i dont think a replacement is needed. i may incorporate an IRC module into it, sometime in the future.

What do i get?

The System consists of a server and a client. The server is written using simple BSD socket code, and some IPC using named pipes. IMHO, it should be very easy to port it to any other UNIX flavour. I've tested it only on Linux. The server uses a mysql server as its backend, so you can actually run several servers to load balance. You can have a firewall which directs different ports to the ports on different servers (ipchains or equivalent). The server is designed with scalability in mind. I have provided a GNOME/GTK+ client. It currently implements all the features of the IM part. The Task Management code still has a lot of loose ends. The IM is completely usable.

How/Where do i get it?

You can use it in your local intranet, by running one single server or multiple servers to load balance in your network.

The client can be run on any linux box. There is a Java client in the works, but its not in a completely workable shape. A friend of mine is making it. Once he puts it up somewhere, i'll link it from here... till then, you have to stick with the GNOME client.

I haven't yet written the help files for the client. I dont have the time, I'm afraid. Maybe i'll do it soon. Watch this space.

If you just want to test it, i have a server running at:

Just indicate it in the User->Preferences dialog. The creation of accounts is manual as of now, as I had intended this for an internal network. Making it like the other IMs out there, which allow for free registration, will not be a problem. But, as of now, if you want a GnomeMsg account on, you'll have to email me and i'll create an account for you.

Please remember that the server at is only for testing purposes, and please dont cause havoc there. Keep the traffic at the very minimum, if you manage to get me make a GnomeMsg account for you.